The 69th Edition of the Identity Jedi Newsletter

Saturday Edition!

Hey Jedi welcome to the 69th edition of the Identity Jedi Newsletter. The first every Saturday edition! ( I think…lol). Sorry for the delay, it’s been a very, very busy week, and 2024 is officially off and running! Sales kickoffs, company kickoffs, and then right behind it, the beginning of conference season.

Let’s Get to the Good Stuff!

  • Death to IGA

  • Survey TIME!!

  • Oleria joins the fray with 33 Million


Death to IGA

Last week, I wrote about "rethinking identity" in my newsletter. Shortly afterwards I was told about an article written by Ian Glazer that hit along the same lines. It's a great read, and I highly encourage you to check it out. What I love most about it (and it's one of the things I love most about Ian) is that it challenges you to think differently. Even if what you currently think is something you truly believe is right. We are technologists. It’s our core responsibility to challenge what we know. We yield tools that fundamentally change the way people experience the world.

But I digress..the meat of the discussion is Least Privilege or Zero Standing Privilege? To debate the two, you have to understand the context behind each one, and when doing that, you have to answer some fundamental questions about what you want the end goal to be. Once you have that answer, it begs the question. Do I have the tools necessary to accomplish my tasks?

This article puts IGA into the hot seat and asks that question. Is IGA the right tool to meet the end goal? Should we shift our focus to creating tools that enable zero-standing privilege?

Thoughts? Lets hear em! If you’re reading this on the web drop a comment.

IDPro Skills Survey

It’s that time of year! The IDPRO skills survey is a great way to understand what we can do as an industry to serve each other. It’s open for anyone in the identity industry to take, and it’s anonymous. So click the link and take the survey; it’s less than ten minutes!

Oleria joins the IAM party

Another entry into the the party is the IAM industry. Welcome Oleria to the cool kids’ table. There is not much to gather from the press release, just your typical copy-and-paste marketing copy. “Legacy products don’t work, need a modern approach, continuous access, automate all the things”

Their website doesn’t help much as to actually tell you what their product does, it would be nice to see more concrete product use cases, but hey it’s a startup. I’ll add them to the watch list and see what they produce over the course of 2024.

Identity Jedi Show Podcast

The Last Word

The article by Ian Glazer was a great read, but seriously even better was the conversation in the IDPro slack channel about it. Challenge beliefs ( yes even our own) are important exercises. It doesn’t mean we will come to a different conclusion, but we have to remain open-minded to the possibility that things can change. Although I’m not an IGA nihilist like Ian, I do know I have a bias there as it’s the area of identity I know best. But I’ve often said it’s time to rethink how we approach identity, and I firmly believe that what we know as IGA today will not exist going forward. I could be wrong, and that’s ok. We can’t be afraid to challenge each other, and most importantly, we can’t be afraid to challenge ourselves. But just remember..

Be Good to each other, Be Kind to each other, Love each other

-Identity Jedi

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The Evolution of IGA

I was asked a question last year: “Do you think access reviews will continue to exist?” My answer was simple.
And here’s why

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