The Identity 50

Collection of vendors to watch in IAM

The Identity 50

Welcome to the Identity 50. This is a list of vendors to watch in the IAM space. I will frequently update this with more reviews, categories, and metrics. Right now, the criteria are new and innovative companies that are emerging in the space or companies I think are taking an exciting approach. The list will stop at 50, and once we reach 50 I’ll have to create some rules for why we move a company off the list. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I want this to be a community thing as well, so please feel free to comment and suggest new vendors. I will be updating this as I get more information on different vendors and as I figure out different categories I want to rank them into.

Revision Date



1st update of the “The List” Added in categories and more companies. I am not sure about the categories yet; I will keep thinking about it and may shift some around.


2nd Update and name change. Added in Readiboth, Acsence, and SecureAuth. New category right now called Emerging. It’s for companies that don’t quite have a category, or are the only one in their category.



Strata - Two things I love: The flexibility of the product to provide modern authentication flows for legacy applications the commitment to standards and open source.

ReadiBots - I love the approach of a “Zapier” style platform for solving identity problems. ( My words not theirs) But that’s how I look at Readibots. Empowers organizations to automate and change process on their terms, while still adding maturity… very interesting


SGNL- A fresh take on authorization; although I’m not entirely sold on authorization being a platform itself, I like the use cases that SGNL handles

PlainID - Can’t talk about authorization without talking about PlainID. Same concerns here around authorization as a stand-alone platform. But I’ve always been impressed with the forward-thinking of the PlainID team.

Identity Security/IGA - Next

Conductor One - I love their leadership and thought process around the market. Their commitment to open source around connectivity ( Check out their Baton SDK). But also their approach to a modern converged IAM platform, combining IGA and PAM. They are strong in access reviews but still a work in progress on their lifecycle management features.

Veza - A true data-first approach to identity. Veza’s features are built on understanding the relationships between users and their access. This is something that legacy platforms miss, and I feel has been the missing piece for a while. Also light on the lifecycle management features.

Zilla Security - What started out as an access request-centric platform has quickly matured into an Identity Security platform player. Quick setup of access reviews, self-service access requests,etc. But I also love their outlook on building an all-around platform from the ground up.

YouAttest - Pure access review player, which quick setup and easy to user features. If you’re looking for a pure access review solution that you can get up and running quickly, give them a look.

Balkan ID - Data first approach to access reviews. Currently, a pure access review play with an upside around analytics and identity data.

FastPath - From audit to IAM platform. Fastpath’’s deep GRC background combined with IAM capabilities offers a compliance-first style offering.


Radiant Logic - Putting them in the OG list because they’ve been around a while. But not sure they really fit here. They are kind of their own category…

I’ve long deemed Radiant to be the Swiss army knife of IAM. But recently, their dive into building an “identity fabric” backed by a full IAM platform leads to a very data-centric view of handling identity.

SailPoint - They’ve been the unquestioned leader for a while now, but heavy is the head that wears the crown. Will be interested to see how they adjust to the moves the industry is making.

Sayvint - I’m impressed. They’ve always had the messaging, but it seems they’ve built the product to match it.

SecureAuth- Recent acquisition, and management change over the past couple of years has SecureAuth looking to make a run in the Access Management area.


Strivacity- Purpose built, with a singular focus on providing great customer login experiences. CIAM will be huge over the next 5 years, and think Strivacity is poised to capitalize.


Acsense - As cloud IAM providers becomes more mainstream, what happens when that service goes down? Enter Acsense. It is an interesting market play.

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